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Areas needing assistance/Wish list
MRCH has gone under various transformations and continues to grow and has become one of the largest childcare organizations in the country. With the support of so many organizations like Action for Children (UK), Qantas Cabin Crew Team, FoMRCH, the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and many others whom we have not mentioned by name but whose support is truly invaluable to us, we continue to grow from strength to strength. MRCH depends largely on donations from friends and other well wishers and still need assistance in a lot of other areas to enable effective programming to carry on.

Childcare, whether residential or community based happens at a cost. MRCH has established that it costs US$120 per month to provide for a child in residential care and about US$20 per month for a child in community based care programme depending on available support systems. Education costs average US$50 per child a term.

CBC Programme

MRCH is now running an effective outreach programme throughout the country. However, there are challenges in reaching out to orphaned and vulnerable children in other areas because of vehicle challenges. The one vehicle that is used in this programme is no longer reliable and sometimes trips are aborted halfway after the vehicle breaks down. Moreover the vehicle is also used in other areas and this has affected the running of the programme to a great extent. With more funding and a reliable transport, this programme will be able to assist even more children especially those in remote places.

Staff welfare
MRCH has a staff compliment of 50. We have however, experienced an exodus of professional staff over the years owing to motivational inadequacies. There is certainly need for staff retention and motivation to enhance project development, especially retention of professional staff such as Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses and Finance Managers.

Building and Construction projects
MRCH has two construction projects taking place at the moment; Early Childhood Development Centre and the Donga Project in Gweru District. MRCH is therefore, looking for support towards the completion of the Creche facility and subsequent Community Resource Centres in other districts. The use of church facilities as Community Resource Centres has necessitated MRCH to modify the buildings to become child friendly and accomodate such things as a counselling room, medical examination room and play facilities. At other centres, there is a need to establish these facilities as there is no such buildings to refurbish. This will enable us to provide holistic services to children in need of assistance. The institution also requires resources for meeting the children’s needs.

Self help projects
MRCH works with poor communities and is capacitating poor households, child headed households and foster parents of orphaned and vulnerable children. Foster care and adoption are not so popular in Zimbabwe due to high rate of unemployment, poverty and lack of resources. Self-help projects for families taking in children for adoption or foster care will enhance people's capacity to care for extra children in their families. Currently MRCH is helping the ten Methodist Church societies run projects in the form of poultry, market gardening and tailoring. The poultry and market gardening projects are serving the function of child vocational skills training, providing income through selling of chickens and garden produce respectively as well as improving family nutrition. The tailoring workshop provides skills for caregivers, foster parents and heads of households. The beneficiaries make garments and sell for a living.

Financial support to enable MRCH to develop and consolidate these community development projects will make a huge impact to our service development.

MRCH has a clinic in the institution that caters for the health needs of children and staff at the institution. MRCH also runs an effective Community Health Programme which assists orphaned and vulnerable children in the communities who are not able to meet the costs of the health services. This project has seen MRCH assisting children in need of medical services in all its service provision. Assistance in the form of drugs and other medical supplements is required to ensure viability of this programme. We also require a vehicle for an ambulance in this indispensable project.

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