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NCH now Action for Children an organization based in the UK has a relationship with MRCH which dates back to over 50year ago. MRCH has benefited immensely over the years from this partnership and below is a summary of the many developments that have been born as a result of this union.

  • Establishment of housing (residential units) and the subsequent move from being a dormitory facility to small group care facilities,
  • Decentralizationof MRCH programmes. MRCH has moved from being a strictly residential care facility to encompassing community based orphan care programmes. MRCH is now assisting children in other regions like Mashonaland , Matebeleland and the Midlands,
  • Estarblishment of Matebeleland and the Midlands Community Resource Centres,
  • Networking into the southern Africa region and taping best practices for the benefit of MRCH childcare programming,
  • Professional Human resources funding and support,
  • Management mentoring and support.

Friends of Matthew Rusike Childrenís Home (FoMRCH)
The FoMRCH is a UK based registered charity which has a long-standing relationship with MRCH. Some of the benefits to MRCH over the years have been;

  • Financial assistance for daily upkeep of children and staff salaries,
  • Funding of training of volunteers and the roll out of MRCH,
  • Management advice and support.

MRCH is particularly indebted to the FoMRCH for religiously remitting operational funds on a monthly basis.

Qantas Cabin Crew Team (QCCT)
The MRCH has a long standing beneficial relationship with the QCCT. During their hay days of flying to Zimbabwe, the QCCT would visit MRCH in Epworth and provide manual labour and financial resources to enhance childcare work. To date QCCT provides funding for food and security support and intermittent visits by Susy James and the Executive Committee members.

Susy James runs a sponsorship programme that provides financial support for childrenís school fees, stationery and uniforms. She visits regularly to the home and holds birth days and Christmas parties for the children. Children look forward to her return as her visits are associated with merry making.

World Church Office
The partnership between MRCH and the World Church Office saw the birth of the Community Health Programme, a programme that has immensely benefited the children in the institution as well as those under the CBC Programme through the provision of relevant and practical medical support and health education.

Methodist Missionary Society in Ireland

Humanitarian aid ranging from service vehicle, family boxes with an assortment of goods, food, clothing, and stationery, aqua boxes for clean water supply, childrenís toys and many other household utensils. This is a young but bold relationship that has seen MRCH expand its community interventions since 2008.

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