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  • To provide holistic and therapeutic family reconstruction services for separated children.
  • To run effective transitional programmes for children leaving care and those who are heading families.
  • To create a monitored childcare environment that will allow staff to spend as much quality time as possible with the children especially their own groups.
  • To run an individual childcare plan based on the child’s uniqueness and their specific needs.
  • To promote foster care and adoption as effective alternatives to institutionalization.
  • To train and support foster carers and adoptive parents and empower them in childcare and HIV and AIDS issues.
  • To equip the children with vocational skills and assist them to take an active role in the national economy.
  • To facilitate appropriate community based orphan care initiatives in line with the statutory orphan care policy and so decentralize childcare activities to all the MCZ districts and circuits.
  • To run relevant staff development programmes.
  • To cooperate and network with other interested organizations in promoting the welfare of all children.

Help us empower them in childcare and HIV and AIDS issues.

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