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Community Based Care

Community Based Orphan Care Programme /Outreach Programme
The Community Based Care Programme (CBC) was initiated as a response to the growing number of orphaned and vulnerable children in the society. In line with modern trends, which have proven that children grow better when assisted in their natural environment as compared to those placed in an institution, MRCH has managed to decentralize its operations to various Methodist Church in Zimbabwe districts throughout the country.

The CBC programmes are done with the help of community caregivers who work tirelessly on a voluntary basis in their communities. The volunteers undergo a specialized caregivers training by MRCH and refresher workshops to equip them with skills in childcare work. The roles of the MRCH trained caregivers include the following:

  • Identifying and assessing the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities,
  • Compiling database for children in need of care,
  • Visiting orphaned and vulnerable children and attending to their needs,
  • Compiling reports on childcare work in areas of their jurisdiction,
  • Advocacy and lobbying for orphans and vulnerable children in their communities,
  • Encouraging community participation in the care of children.

MRCH is thus, effectively consolidating its CBC programmes in Harare East, Harare West, Gweru, Marondera and Bulawayo Districts. We are working towards extending our services comprehensively to all the areas in Zimbabwe. MRCH CBC programme has enrolled over 7000 children in various interventions such as school fees, food, clothing, rentals and medication. We have begun to set up Community Resource centres across the country where we are using church facilities for the provision of Psycho Social Support services. In this regard, the facility at MRCH Epworth also serves as a Community Resource Centre for the children in and around the Epworth Community. This programme has seen at least 50 orphaned and vulnerable children being assisted on a daily basis at each of these centres. Children are assisted with guided play and games, counseling, supervision of homework, health checks and provision of supplementary feeding. Thus, the Methodist church has approved the use of its church buildings by MRCH as resource centres for children during weekdays and for church services on Sundays.

Community Health Pogramme
Alongside the CBC programme, MRCH also has a Community Health Programme in place that assists children who are chronically ill, mainly due to HIV and AIDS, in all these communities we support. Most of the children are orphaned due to HIV and AIDS hence some of them are also infected. In the last half of the year 2010, our Community Health Worker, attended to over 300 cases from the communities that we work with. She also helps the parents and guardians of these children with relevant nutritional and health education. Most of these cases are of home based care nature. The Community Health Worker is therefore required to visit most of these patients and attend to them in their homes, or assist them to get to the nearest health center whenever possible.

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